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Demo Example (please dont abuse this server, if abuse occurs the demo will go away): JSPFileManager Demo


JSPFM supports the standard file operations of creation, editing, copying, moving, deleting, renaming and compression/decompression of files and directories.

JSPFM also supports some special file operations specific to certain file types such as transposition and resizing of image type files. (More special file operations are planned.)


JSPFM recongnizes files based on mime types and allows different actions based on those types. Textual files are directly editable (on the server), image files can be resized or rotated (again on the server), recognized application type files are launched locally in the browser and then can be used/edited (on the client) and so on. (For example a .html file can be edited on the server, a .doc file is launched and assumed to be editable on the client).

JSPFM is intended to be used to allow users to manipulate files on a web server using only a web browser. It is implemented in a very simple JSP interface. This means the requirement to use JSPFM is simply a working JSP container (Java server such as Tomcat). The files JSPFM can manipulate are those on the same container server.

JSPFM allows the setting of a "pseudochroot" variable that locks users abilities to edit to a particlar part of the filesystem (and of course web server, file system permissions are also always present). Further authentication of users and customized directory "pseudochroot" access definition per user is not presently part of JSPFM (but it can be easily customized to do this).

For more information please see the SourceForge JSPFileManager project pages.